Generalization of Fibonacci numbers theory
     Pascal Triangle
Generalized Fibonacci numbers
Generalized Golden Sections
Hyperbolic functions
Hyperbolic Fibonacci and Lucas Functions
Fibonacci's pythograms
Algorithmic Measurement Theory
     Two Fibonacci's problems
First crises in the foundations of mathematics
Constructive approach to measurement theory
Asymmetry principle of measurement
Classical measurement algorithms
Generalization of the "binary" algorithm
Generalization of "counting" algorithm
Fibonacciís measurement algorithms
Generalization of Fibonacciís measurement algorithms
Fibonacci codes
International recognition of the algorithmic measurement theory
Prof. Stakhovís training in the Austrian universities (1976)
Stakhov's lecture in Vienna (March 1976)
Concept of Harmony Mathematics
     The Seventh International Fibonacci Conference
Golden Proportion as the main mathematical constant of Harmony Mathematics
A fate of the great mathematical discoveries
Role of number systems in mathematics progress
Wonderful properties of Bergman's number system
Z-property of natural numbers
New geometric definition of the Number
Concept of the Harmony Mathematics